“I don’t have anything to wear”

Time and again we are all guilty of using this statement more often than we realise. Most of us have wardrobes full of clothes and yet we land up buying a new outfit each time we have an occasion or an outing. But you will be surprised to know how useful your wardrobe can be.

Black dress is a staple, a must have for every girl or women out there and I recommend that each of you should have that one go to black dress in specific. One simple Black dress I found in my wardrobe I spinned 3 different styles out of it. Fashion is not always about how many clothing items you own, but what you do with them.

Wearing the famous Black Dress 3 ways : 



              Casual Sporty                                         Evening Look                                     Workwear attire


The same black dress has been used with 3 different clothing items and footwear to create these 3 stunning looks.

For the CASUAL SPORTY look you can team up your black dress with any shirt from from your wardrobe. And if you don’t have been you can always raid your brother, father or husbands closet to complete your look. Ofcourse keep your size in mind but for a look this casual even an oversized shirt would look good. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wearing few items from mens clothing. Personally sneakers are my favourite so I team them up with alot of outfits.

For the EVENING LOOK you can just wear the dress as it is or add a fancy stole or a little cover up to add that oomph factor to the outfit. Wear a good pair of heels, put on some make-up, add some statement earrings, bracelets and you are good to go. You always carry an evening clutch which can work as an accent piece to your outfit.

For the WORKWEAR LOOK just slip on a blazer and wear some wedges and you are good to go. Do not wear excessive make-up to work. keep it simple and settle. You can always wear a pop colour blazer maybe in orange or a printed blazer to give it little less formal look, more business casuals.

Shop to add value to your wardrobe not just for the sake of shopping. Rome was not built in a day so nor will your wardrobe…