“DIET” definitely the dreaded four letter four in my dictionary… I have always thought of eating clean and wanting to be healthy. But honestly tell me what seems healthy to you…

A slim body with a face that may or may not glow which may not even be healthy maybe OR A healthy body that may not fit the fashion industry standard but is definitely fitter & glowing & happy. Well I would like to be “Happy & Glowing”.

Am not advocating being fat am talking about accepting yourself the way you are and be as fit as it pleases you to be. So after a thoughtful decision I decided am going to try and eat clean, for atleast a week and we shall see what happens after. Taking the decision was easy but prepping for it no way. Although am not a great cook but I can definitely cook up a great meal for two or more. But eating clean is a whole new ball game and I can look up and find myself some quick recipes but honestly I am too lazy to plan and then learn to cook variety of healthy meals to start with. So my online hunting expedition made me zero in on Food Darzee.

Food Darzee provides meals on a daily basis. They serve Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snack & Dinner. So definitely were making my life easy.All you need to do is log onto their website http://www.fooddarzee.com/

Fill up a quick form, pick a plan that suits you and it’s delivered to your doorstep. They can also deliver your meals to your workplace. I was skeptical when I started because they are master in KETO DIET which means it’s a high protein, high fat & very low carb diet. I love RICE just imagine low carb means no rice. I definitely had hurdles to cross.

But the meals they sent, surprised me everytime I opened my meal box. I actually started looking forward to recieving my meals every single day. Every morning the day’s menu is sent, I  know what my meals for the day will look like but trust me only when you open the meal sent to you, you will know the pleasure. The meals they send are keto meals, ofcourse but the fact that each dish is different gets me really excited. It’s been a week since am enjoying their meals and trust me guys they hav’nt yet repeated any dishes. I was also treated to chocolate mousse in one of my meals.

Keto diet is quiet disciplined and it can help in many ways other than just weight loss. It improves your mental focus, you feel more energetic, increases the good cholesterol etc to name a few. This was a little out of my comfort zone to be honest but I quiet kinda enjoyed the experience of keto diet. My first day I felt so empty, I don’t mean hungry mind you…Their meals are so well balanced. But from second day I got the hang of it. My body felt lighter less lethargic although I did have a little headache but when you sign up with food darzee they assign a nutritionist too who helps you through the process and guides you how to deal with the changes. Over the week my skin also cleared out quiet a bit. It’s been a clean week so far….

Like I said early it’s a choice you make for yourself and not because of any pressure. I choose FOOD DARZEE because I wanted to eat clean and feel fitter. So am still enjoying my meals from FOOD DARZEE and hope you guys enjoy yours too.