The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Planning

Having a “Digital Presence” has become of utmost importance for a business, startup, or any brand. Being digitally available and visible to your consumer can make a very big difference in the way they perceive you and connect with you. This is the Ultimate guide to Social Media Planning that you need to follow.

Social Media has become a very big part of our lives, on an average a person spends about 3-5 hours a day on social media.

So, it’s but naturally, that’s the place to be.

Lucky for you am going to lay down a step by step guide that you can follow to excel your Social Media


  • Lay down your goals  

It is very important for you to first understand what are you looking to achieve by being on the social media. What are your business goals? Have defined goals, do not be vague. Now that you have laid down your goals let’s move forward


  •  Know your audience 

You need to understand the kind of audience you are looking to target to get your brand message across and connect with them in a way they understand. 


  • Do a Competitor Analysis

Do research on what your competitors are upto? What kind of content are they creating? What platforms are they using?

What is working for their audience?

Once you understand this it will be easy for you to plan for your Social Media.



  • Choose your Social Media platforms

While choosing a platform to connect with your target audience you have to be careful since the average age of the audience is different on social media platforms. If you have your goals in place along with your audience persona this will not be a challenge for you. Pick the right platforms and create your profiles.

Don’t be part of the rat race. Just because the world is on Social Media you need not follow. Choose wisely.


  • Create a Content Calendar

Once you have decided which platforms you want to be seen on it’s time to create some content. You can decide between Video, Image, Audio or Written Content. Create a calendar in advance and plan what content, at what time & what day you shall be posting on various platforms. Be consistent with your schedule. Show up your audience expect to see you as per the schedule created by you. Your calendar when you plan should also account for the time you will spend interacting with your audience. 

Bonus Tip: Only 20% of your content should be about directly selling your product or services.


  • Evaluate & Readjust

Once you have your content calendar in place and you begin, it’s important to track how are your posts performing. Evaluate and see if you have been able to get one step closer to your goal. Once you know what works and whatnot, you need to rework and start again.

Digital Marketing has no “Rulebook” it only has fundamentals that you need to understand and apply creatively. Learn & Experiment, Don’t be afraid to fail or commit mistakes.

Bonus – Social Media Calendar Download your template here.

Author: Sonal Somani