Perfect guide to Public Relations (PR)

PR is not a new age format of marketing, companies have been investing in good content since centuries.

Typically Public Relations (PR) is the practice of leveraging press and media channels to promote your company and frame a positive perception in the eyes of the public.

The management process is similar to that of branding with the difference being that PR focusses on communication and reputation whereas branding is about creating a vision and image with elements like logos, websites and other marketing materials.
Easy as it may sound, the process comes with alot of responsibilities and requires you to be very impulsive. It involves a series of strategies that are designed to maintain and magnify the brand’s image, products or the services it offers. If it’s a new business, PR helps in raising awareness, attracting new customers, enticing investors and also helps attract employees.
A PR manager’s major roles include good communications, writing skills, creative approach and strong research.

There are primarily 3 types of medias – owned, paid and earned!
1. Owned media is any content that is put up by the brand themselves like social media posts, blog content, website copy, email newsletters etc.
2. Paid media on the other hand is paying to promote your own content in the marketing world which can include social media advertising, influencer marketing, Pay-per-click (PPC) etc
3. Earned media that happens with word-of-mouth or PR strategies is the hardest but most effective PR media as it needs consistent pushing.
Examples of these include mention and reviews in established news mediums like magazine, newspapers, digital press etc, praises from customers on social media, high ranking on search engines and so on.

According to stats, 63% of the value of the company comes from their public image. Whenever there is a mishap, it takes about 5-6 years to overcome negative reputation and has a powerful impact on the company’s corporate affiliations and existence. Hence investing in good public relations and strategies has become very important and beneficial for the growth of a company.

Author: Saloni Agarwal Shah