What is Influencer Marketing ?

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Influencer Marketing is a type of digital marketing on social media platforms where an individual (influencer) endorses brands and mentions products to influence their committed audience and is viewed as an expert within their niche. Influence can be based on various categories. From a location, to a professional background to even a product type. 

Influencer marketing is unique as it appeals to the needs of the influencer rather than the customer and since the customer is committed to the social needs of the influencer, it drives them to trust in the product that has been endorsed by the influencer.
This marketing strategy works well with the brands as well because this approach helps them reach a bigger audience, builds trust for their brand, grows their social following, increases their website traffic, helps get more leads and eventually drives sales!
Till a decade ago, influencers were limited to celebrities, a few serious bloggers and journalists. But over the years we have seen a steep rise and there has been a saturation in the market.     
Now influencers are based on platforms and brands recognize them based on their number game on the platforms available. If you research, you might find varied and conflicting information on the subject based on growth and strategies. This is due to the changing trends and algorithms that social media platforms keep changing.
What might work for one influencer, might not work for another so the key is to  make your own USP and niche while always being updated with changing trends! 
Author: Sonal Somani